Rookie Gold: Getting to Know the New Team Members

As a young rookie player joining a new team, getting to know your new team mates, how the team functions, practices, and the way the team players bond together, is a must for you to not only get along on the field, but to play well together. The goal for any rookie should be a smooth transition into their new team, and getting the best playing time with their new team mates on the field. So, learning the team rules, what the practice regime is like, when training and lifting takes place, and everything about how the team functions, is a must for that rookie to be able to fit in to the team, and ultimately become a role player for that team.I found some more information here.

So, rather than try to be the star, and try to outdo their team mates, rookies really have to step back, and allow the veterans on the team to be the leaders, and the rookies have to be willing to learn by example, and learn from those who have been with a team for quite some time. This is the best way to transition in, and to become a key member of the team they are joining.

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