The History Of The Arena

The Areana is located just outside of Phoenix, and it is the home of the Phoenix Coyotes of the NHL. The arena currently holds just over 17,000 people for hockey games and over 19,000 people for concerts and other events.

The Arena was constructed in 2003 for over 200 million to be the main events destination for the Phoenix area. When the arena was first constructed, it was originally called the Glendale Area at Westgate. The naming rights to the stadium were not sold to until 2006.

While the Arena is only the permanent home of (more…)

The Coyotes Standings in the National Hockey League

The shortened 2013 NHL season didn’t pan out very well for the Yotes, especially when compared a heart and soul team that grinded out against the Los Angeles Kings in the Western Conference Finals the previous year. Phoenix fell short of making the playoffs by finishing 10th overall in their respective conference with a record of 21-18-9, totaling 51 points. The added pressure of not knowing where the team will be playing next season may have had something to do (more…)

Hockey: The Whole Family’s New Favorite Pass Time

You enjoy watching hockey games in person and on TV with your friends, but hockey can also be something that your whole family enjoys. If your family members are reluctant to get involved with hockey, taking them to a live game is a great way to peak their interest.
There is nothing quite like the excitement of attending a hockey game in person. Your kids will never forget their first Phoenix Coyotes hockey game, and your family can bond through the shared experience. Make sure to take your camera to capture (more…)

Who’s The Boss? Getting to Know the Coaches

The coach is one of the parts of the team that you cannot play without. After you make the team, you can talk to the coach and find out how they want you to play the game. Talk to the coach about any issues you might have with the other players, and then keep the communication going through the season.
One of the best ways that you can talk to the coach is by being honest. If you don’t tell the coach how you (more…)

Helping Your Favorite Team: The Coyote’s Booster Club

The Coyote’s Booster Club is dedicating and supporting the Phoenix Coyote’s hockey team. We have events throughout the year for you to come out and help support you’r local hockey team. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting hockey and the Phoenix Coyotes.

We have a number of great events to help you get involved in supporting your Coyotes for the 2011-2012 season. We will have a great selection of items like signed jerseys in our on-going silent auction (more…)

Rookie Gold: Getting to Know the New Team Members

As a young rookie player joining a new team, getting to know your new team mates, how the team functions, practices, and the way the team players bond together, is a must for you to not only get along on the field, but to play well together. The goal for any rookie should be a smooth transition into their new team, and getting the best playing time with their new team mates on the field. So, learning the team rules, what the practice regime is like, when training and (more…)

Hitting The Goal: The Coyotes 2011-12 Season

The Phoenix Coyotes were a team that were considered under achievers for too long. They have always had a good infrastructure and a great fan base, however they have struggled to make any real impact on the Stanley Cup and on hockey in general. However, that changed in 2010. This was the year that they finally made it back where they belonged, in the Playoffs. It had been a long time coming, and they did not enjoy much success, but it was just a relief to be back amongst the best teams in the NHL.

2011 was a similar season (more…)

Other Sports Stops in Phoenix

Thinking of making a trip to Phoenix to see your favorite team in action? If all you know about Arizona comes from old movies on Direct tv you may be surprised at what you find. It’s a sport friendly state with a lot to see
Diamondbacks Stadium: If you’re into baseball and can’t make it out during hockey season, take in a Diamondbacks game at the state of the art stadium right in downtown. You’ll get great views and the temperate Phoenix weather is sure to be fine.

Keep Moving, Forward: Bissonnette to Whitney

For Phoenix Coyotes fans, this year the offense will have a whole new look. They drafted some young centers in the 2011 NHL Draft and brought in some new grinder types to keep their stars safe. Ray Whitney will enter his 20th season and with the new addition of tough guy Raffi Torres, the team looks to have all the pieces to be successful.

Most of the teams in the NHL that are successful have a combination of youth, veteran leadership and skill. That is just what the Coyotes appear to have this season. Long time goal (more…)

Getting To Know The Defense: Aucoin To Schlemko

With a whole new look, the Phoenix Coyotes are looking to finally get over the hump and make a deep playoff run. A new goaltender will be leading the defense this season after 3 year starter Ilya Bryzgalov left for the east coast. The Coyotes turned their focus towards improving their defense this off season and with the addition of new players, the Coyotes defense looks to be among Pacific’s best.

The Coyotes blueliners have the perfect combination of (more…)